Ops Academy

Ops Foundations to Scale your Business

Elevate your Ops Manager. Quiet the chaos & streamline the day-to-day.

How Do We Create World-Class Ops Managers?

This 3-month program equips your Operator with the 3 Mastery Pillars to build your scalable business foundation:

Scalable Systems

Building systems is not your highest value-add. Get back to working ON your business, not stuck working IN it.

Your Operator can build your systems better & faster, to truly organize + streamline the day-to-day.

SOP & Task Management

You no longer have time to be telling people what to do & making sure the work gets done correctly…

Get the SOPs out of your brain & documented so your team can do the right work, without you.

A-Player Team Building

Does each new hire feel like it adds MORE work to your plate, not less?

Delegate team-building to your Operator, so they can find & empower top talent, right from the beginning

How Does It Work?

Ops Mastery Bootcamp

Video training to master the Spyglass Method + library of tools, templates & resources to apply to any digital business. (Life-time access)

Private Community

50+ past & present elite Spyglass students to provide every answer & support your Operator needs to transform your business.

Weekly Live Training

Jhana + her team of expert coaches directly mentor your Operator to solve your business bottlenecks & challenges in real-time.

Weekly Opsercizes

We don’t just teach theory, we practice until mastery becomes habit. Opsercizes provide hands-on experience optimizing each critical component of a business.

Calling All Operations Nerds

No matter your background, this course will turn you into an
absolute Ops BAMF!

Digital entrepreneurs seeking to elevate your operator (and company)

Individuals looking to

launch your career in operations

Existing ops employees looking to take your skills to the next level

Join the #1 Learning Community for Operators Online!

Who is Jhana Li?

Consider me Operations-obsessed. With proven results scaling digital businesses to 7 & 8 figures.

Now, I train other Operators to do the same.

Over the past 5 years, Jhana has been:

  • COO of two 7-figure startups

  • High-performance Leader to multiple remote teams of 20+ employees

  • Ops consultant to over thirty 7- & 8-figure online businesses

  • Ops coach to hundreds of digital startups, their CEO's & their Operators

Learn How Ops Academy Transformed Maruxa’s Business

"If you’re interested in taking your beautiful vision for your company and moving it into systems & processes, into flow between your vision, the reality, the people (your team & your clients), and the financials, then I highly recommend Ops Academy."

"This program has allowed me to step into my leadership & become the CEO of the company, because I can now trust that <my Operator> is learning the right Ops skills."

Praise for Jhana’s Training

"We’ve been able to build our business in a way that allows me to focus my time & attention towards things like marketing & sales that will really move the business forward. As soon as <my Operator> jumped onboard equipped with this knowledge, I was able to remove myself from the day-to-day Operations pretty much right from the get-go!"


CEO of Gym Pillars

"Everything I've learned so far from Ops Academy has been gold!!! I've learned so much within the past few weeks."


Ops Manager at McMaster Digital

"It has shortened my timeline on a lot of things, and it's built my confidence…I'm walking slightly taller. The other day, I saw my reflection in a window outside, and I was like, Holy crap. Wait, what's wrong with my shoulders? And it was just me standing straight. I just show up differently. It has rippled out into all the areas of my life."


Fractional Operator

"Being in Ops Academy is life-changing! Not only have I gained the necessary tools I need to be a great integrator, I've also had a change in perspective and mindset which immensely helps me in making the right calls and support. I've met awesome integrators as well who give great advice and coaching. Would rate this experience as high as I can!"


Ops Manager at Adventure Stays

"I’m enjoying every single call…I get a lot out of watching you run through the real-time situations that other Operators are going through…I love how the course is set up, the videos are amazing…I’m thrilled to be a part of this community!"


Ops Manager at AutoHub.io

"So many things changed for me since I started Ops Academy!"


Operator at OutboundPro

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If you...

  • Are ready to get back to working ON your business, not working IN it

  • Want to feel confident pouring on gas, knowing nothing will break as you grow to the next level

  • Are ready to replace daily chaos & reactivity with streamlined workflows that run without you

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

Join our exclusive Facebook Group and unlock amazing content!

Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

Join our exclusive Facebook Group and unlock amazing content!

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