Ops Inspection

Ready to scale to the Next Level, but not sure how?

Our expert team analyzes your business top-to-bottom, and creates a 12-month gameplan to clear all Operations bottlenecks across your company

How It Works


We sit down & get clear on your goals for the business + for your own life as the founder. Paint the picture: where do you truly want to be 12 months from now?


We deep-dive into your systems, data, shadow meetings, interview key team members…the works. The whole process takes just one week.


You receive a 90-min Report of Findings call to walk through your written Inspection Report. You’ll come away with absolute clarity on how to close the gaps in your business & reach your goals in the next 12-months.

We break down your business across 6 core pillars


Performance, Culture, Org Chart, Role Clarity, Management


C-Suite, Leadership Style, Zones of Genius, Lifestyle Goals

Behaviors & Mindset

Human Potential, Scalable Info & Communication Flows

Alignment & Strategy

Profit, Mission, Strategic Vision, Growth Opportunities


Workflows, Processes, Tech Stack, Automations


Data Collection, Data Display, & Data-Based Action

Learn How The Ops Inspection Transformed Ian’s Business

"Immediate ROI on the calm & clarity of having the gameplan.

“The Inspection was a breakthrough moment for us…for the first time ever it feels like we’re ahead of schedule to hit our goals.”

“Somehow [Spyglass] organized everything that had been in my head, and even more things I didn’t see coming. And they put it together in a way that is simpler & clearer than I ever could have done it. It feels like there’s total alignment, with none of my effort.”

Here’s what others had to say about the Ops Inspection

“I feel like I just had a 1000-pound backpack taken off of me. The clarity, vision and simplicity that I received was amazing. Thank you!

Matt Shields

Founder at Estate AI

“You'll come to find out I don't get excited about much... right now, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve”

Patrick Cundiff

Director of Revenue at Loud Rumor

“I genuinely believe that Jhana was sent from heaven and placed on this earth to transform the lives of business owners, teams, cultures, and clients that they serve!”

Jared Curry

Founder at Estate AI

And Many More...

Kendall Shaw
CEO @ Scalebold

Nik Robbins
CEO @ EntrepreneurSHIFT

Robert Miller
Former "Everything Else Guy" @ Scalebold

Ready For Your Report?

Due to high demand, you'll need to reserve your Ops Inspection on our calendar ahead of time!

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

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Are you a 7-8 figure Startup?

Join our exclusive Facebook Group and unlock amazing content!

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