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Already have an Operator on your team?

Prepare them to step into an Ops leadership role with our training programs: Ops Academy & COO Academy.

Our programs are For Operators, By Operators. We equip students with the proven knowledge, skills, templates, and personalized mentorship to become an Operational keystone in your business.

Put them in the role. Give them the training. Watch them immediately start to scale your business. They’ll FINALLY get you out of the weeds, and back to growing your business.


Our Matchmaking service offers you a pool of experienced Operators who are custom-matched to your company's needs, goals, and culture.

Candidates undergo 6 rigorous filtration systems before they even hop on a call with you -- all you have to do is meet them & tell us which one you like the most.

The best part? If they don't work out in the first 30 days, we'll continue working with you until you find the perfect candidate.


Ever gotten a multi-point inspection for your car? We've built that...for your business.

During our Ops Inspection, we pop the hood on your company and analyze it top-to-bottom across 6 key pillars:

Strategy, Team, Leadership, Behaviors, Systems & Data.

The final diagnostic report breaks down all Operational bottlenecks across your business. You walk away with a step-by-step game plan to clear those obstacles over the next 12 months to reach your business goals.


Feel like your audience has an Operations gap? Invite Jhana to speak to your community.

Her expertise lies in coaching business owners on what Operations is, why it’s valuable, and how exactly to use it as a lever for scalable growth.

Whether your stage is a ballroom, boardroom, or behind the camera, Jhana will deliver engaging and insightful Ops value to your audience, customized to their exact bottlenecks and stage of business growth.

About Us

Our Vision

To unleash the potential and vision of the world's greatest change-makers:


Our Mission

Matchmake CEO’s & world-class Operators to scale digital startups to 8 figures & beyond. 

Our Why

Entrepreneurship & Operations are two superpowers. Combine them, and you create magic.

Magic with the power to tackle huge challenges, and create the highest impact & service to society.

Our Core Values

Play Like A Nerd

When you are a nerd for what you do, Work IS Play. So let's be nerds about it, and let's play hard

Compete With Your Own Potential

We expect this of ourselves & our clients: to constantly, relentlessly, and critically be redefining & growing into the highest expression of ourselves.

Own Your Opportunities

Every mistake & failure is an opportunity. Take as much ownership as you possible can, learn from it, and grow. The only two words banned at this company: Fault & Blame.

Van Talk

We say what needs to be said, honestly & directly. We listen to what is said to us as a genuine & necessary act of service to accomplish our shared goals & highest potential.

How Jhana developed the Spyglass method

Over the past 5 years, Jhana self-taught Operations through serving as...

  • COO of two separate companies (both of which scaled past 7-figures).

  • High-performance leader to multiple remote teams of 20+ employees

  • Ops consultant to over thirty 7- & 8-figure online business.

  • Ops coach to hundreds of digital startups, their CEOs & their Operators

What It’s Like To Work With Spyglass…

"I want every customer I work with to feel like I feel right now after I deliver the first thing to them. I literally feel like it's a disservice to a few of my business friends not to introduce you to them."

Ian Dickson

CEO at Ecom Growth

"I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on trainings / masterminds / coaching etc. Your templates and videos are some of the most valuable and insightful content I've gone thru in the last 6 years. Well done. This helped me out so much and brough so much clarity."

Scott Theaman


"This program, simply put, was one of the best and most informative training aspects of my career…The lessons that were taught on how to correctly choose for the bigger picture, initiate leadership, and become great at tuning everything to work together are lessons I will always have with me moving forward in my career. For a person this talented and intelligent, Jhana could easily be recommending business tips to Jeff Bezos and the likes, yet instead she's here taking her time to create the next Jeff Bezos and Elon Musks of the operational world and beyond. Which I can only be forever grateful for."

Jay Lewis

Head of Operations at Scalebold

"We’ve been able to build our business in a way that allows me to focus my time & attention towards things like marketing & sales that will really move the business forward. As soon as jumped onboard equipped with this knowledge, I was able to remove myself from the day-to-day Operations pretty much right from the get-go!"


CEO at Gym Pillars

"Being in Ops Academy is life-changing! Not only have I gained the necessary tools I need to be a great integrator, I've also had a change in perspective and mindset which immensely helps me in making the right calls and support. I've met awesome integrators as well who give great advice and coaching. Would rate this experience as high as I can!"


Ops Manager at Adventure Stays

"I genuinely believe that Jhana was sent from heaven and placed on this earth to transform the lives of business owners, teams, cultures, and clients that they serve!"


Operator at OutboundPro

"I’m enjoying every single call…I get a lot out of watching you run through the real-time situations that other Operators are going through…I love how the course is set up, the videos are amazing…I’m thrilled to be a part of this community!"


Ops Manager at

"You'll come to find out I don't get excited about much... right now, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve"

Patrick Cundiff

Loud Rumor

"Everything I've learned so far from Ops Academy has been gold!!! I've learned so much within the past few weeks."


Loud Rumor

"It has shortened my timeline on a lot of things, and it's built my confidence…I'm walking slightly taller. The other day, I saw my reflection in a window outside, and I was like, Holy crap. Wait, what's wrong with my shoulders? And it was just me standing straight. I just show up differently. It has rippled out into all the areas of my life."


Fractional Operator

"I feel like I just had a 1000-pound backpack taken off of me. The clarity, vision and simplicity that I received was amazing. Thank you!"

Matt Shields

Estate AI

"So many things changed for me since I started Ops Academy!"


Operator at OutboundPro

"I can already see the things that <my Operator> is bringing to me and the discussions that she's having and some of the things she's implementing. But more, what I really was excited about is just the higher-level thinking about the business and strategy and where we're going in the future. And I can already see her adopting some of that from you. So I'm super excited. I wanted to say thank you…My real goal was leveling her up to a person that can really run a business. And I feel like I'm already seeing that."

Gill Valerio

CEO of Go Elevate Marketing

"Spending time this afternoon reflecting and I'm so incredibly grateful for you and your team for what you are bringing into this world for Operators like myself."


Head of Operations at Revolutionary Communities

"Joining this Academy was one of the highlights of my year. Finding a group of like-minded people, bouncing ideas off each other's expertise, and being a support group when needed, was just the best kind of community to be a part of as an ops nerd."


Fractional COO

"You are on a different level — Your call today changed my business."

Ahmeen Gaddy

"I honestly feel like this was a huge moment for me in shaping the way I handle situations and would not have happened without the call today. We are truly our own mentors and I hope I can give back to this community in the same way at some point."

Danielle Meyers

COO at Deeproots

"It feels like I did nothing and gained rapid clarity and have no overwhelm about implementation or next steps."

Ian Dickson

CEO at Ecom Growth

Get Clarity on your Next Steps to Scale


What specific fires & tasks eat up your day? We’ll help you understand exactly WHY you’re experiencing those problems and their solutions.


We’ll help you as much as we can directly on call. That might be you and I collaborating through one of our services. Or connecting you with someone in our network. Or maybe we can just crack the code right on the call.


There’s no "Right" way to grow a business. There’s your way. Let’s get clear on your goals and your definition of success. Then we’ll map the immediate next steps to build that.

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